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Chinese Culture School-based Learning Activities

School Characteristics

  • Nature is a treasure trove of knowledge for children, which lets them get up and close with nature and learn through play, and inspire their potential.
  • Practical Life skills training allows young children to learn by doing.
  • Inclusive Education
    Respect and meet the needs of children taking into account their individual differences and diverse needs, thereby creating an inclusive and harmonious culture.
  • Environmental Protection Facilities​​​​​​​
    ​​​​​​​The schools are equipped with numerous energy saving and environmental protection facilities to make the school environment green while also energy saving to build better future for our children and better earth to live on.

Curriculum features

By centering children's learning around the use of stories, with relation to the theme of daily living and supplemented by Whole Language, and project work, the school focuses on children's life experiences and interests, and uses a series of diverse exploration activities and play to help children establish and develop their motivation, interest and ability to learn.

Historical development


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